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Johnson Plumbing, Inc.

Some of the simplest plumbing jobs can go wrong in the blink of an eye causing unwanted property damage and upset homeowners. 

Plumbing is a craft which takes years to master, on the job training and many hours of specialized schooling.  So when you need a professional to get the job done right you can count on us.

Whether you just purchased a new faucet, toilet  or water heater from a "Big Box Store" or started a job and can not finish it.  Just pick up the phone and call.  Then we will take care of the rest.

We most commonly use the following manufacturers. For product infomation click the company logos to be redirected to their site.


When it comes to providing long lasting, professional worry free hotwater- Bradford White has got you covered.                                         
"American Made"and "Professional Grade" 


Bradford Whites Hydrojet total performance system is created by their patented dip tube design that will protect your water heater from sediment buildup, corrossion and early leakage for many years.

When you think Bradford White, think reduced sediment buildup, lower operating cost and more hot water!

Water CommanderProvides a green alternative to battery operated systems.

Have you been looking for a worry free backup sump pump that you will never have to test and change that expensive deep cycle marine battery every few years.

Protect your basement against power outages and primary sump pump failures with Water Commander.

Water Commander™ backup sump pump is reliable, powerful and uses no batteries or electricity.

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